Ah, the feeling of floating on water. So peaceful and serene, but can also be exciting. Summer is the time when you see everyone going boating. People go by themselves, significant others, family, and friends. Sometimes they go on separate boats to join up together. You can rent them, buy them, or even borrow one. Recreational boating can consists of a john boat, canoe, kayak, jet ski, sailboats, fishing boat, houseboat, or yachts. They come in all shapes, and sizes to accommodate your specific need.

Recreational boating is an extremely popular leisure activity. The industry did over 3.6 billion dollars in sales in 2016, with almost 12 million registered in the U.S. The 3.6 billion dollars was only for the boats, not including the revenue that comes from accessories for boats, such as life jackets, whistles, flags, gas cans, oil, tow ropes, tubes, and more. It also increases revenues for states, for registration, and fishing licenses.

Boats can be used just about anywhere that there is water. You can go out on the ocean for a day of fishing, swimming or waterskiing. Some go out to the ocean to travel from one end of the United States to the other end, such as Maine to Florida, or Oregon to California. The others go on their local rivers, which can also sometimes go state to state. In your inner states, and also along the coastal states there are an abundance of lakes to boat on, instead of having to drive to the Bay or Ocean.

Lakes are great for fresh water fishing, kayaking, jet skiing, and water skiing. Also the water is not rough, which limits seasickness, or rough falls off skis, and tubes.

One such lake is Lake Travis in Austin, Texas. Lake Travis was formed off the Colorado River in 1942, when building the Mansfield Dam to refrain floodwaters. Since its construction, it has become the go to spot for Austin residents, fellow Texans, and vacationers. There is never a boring day at lake Travis.

When choosing a Lake Travis marina to use, you should certainly check out Northshore Marina, located on the north side of Lake Travis. This is a premier Lake Travis Marina, as it is the only deep water floating marina, which is open to the public. It features 196 wet slips, and 59 PWC slips. The boat slips, have electricity, cable hook up, and telephone connections. There is also a commons area complete with a barbeque pit, large screen TV, lounge chairs, bathrooms, and showers. Additionally, there is a store located to buy gas, boating supplies, and plenty of goodies to fill you up for the day. So, when choosing your Lake Travis Marina, don’t forget to check out Northshore, for all of your boating fun. Always remember safety when boating, and watch out for others. Above all, have fun!