There are multiple ways to hunt almost any type of game. There are what I would call “normal” methods where the hunter has developed an area through the use of food plots or other means of attracting game and has intellectually placed blinds for perfect positioning regardless of wind direction. Typically, this “normal” hunting is very similar to fishing. A fisherman will find the spots where the fish are attracted and work from his tackle box to see what might get the fish hooked and into the boat. If we look at these two activities side by side, you can see the fisherman is limited to the distance his rod and reel can cast. Another limitation is the ability to make long casts accurately. So it goes with the normal hunter. The goal is to make the prey come within a comfortable distance for the hunter to successfully take the animal.

What if we could greatly expand the reach of the fisherman? What if the equipment were developed that could increase the distance and accuracy of bait placement by a factor of 5 or even 10. The online truth is that some fisherman have used drones to place their bait. What is the gain for the fisherman. First is visibility. With the drone comes an onboard camera which increases accuracy of the bait placement. Secondly, by increasing the distance capability a factor of ten, the available area is increased by 100 times that of “normal” fishing. This gain in available area increases not only the potential quantity of successful casts, but through the ability to cover more underwater environments, also increases the variety of fish species that might be taken.

What if the “normal” hunter was given this same advantage? Increasing the distance and accuracy of the hunter by the use of a long range hunting rifle, what advantages would be obtained. A long range rifle increases the comfort zone of the hunter. By greatly improving the quality of the optics matched with long range ballistics of a quality long range hunting rifle, the hunter’s confidence in ethically and consistently taking game at greater distances is increased substantially. This changes the entire hunting strategy. With a custom long range rifle, the hunter can enter into the game animal’s domain without the need for enticements or bait. The strategy can now include more of a hunt and stalk technique rather than a hide and blend methodology. The hunter can now look for a more advantageous field of view covering an extensive area. Similar to the fisherman with a drone in his tackle box, the hunter with a long range rifle increases his success by changing his effective hunting area and his ability to take a game animal consistently at longer distances.